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Important GKF update
What is up with GKF? Why hasn’t the Foundation been organising more workshops? Find out here…

Enabling more people

We believe in giving people the chance to learn incredible skills they may have thought beyond their capabilities.

GKF opens up the inspiring and thrilling world of kiting to everyone- regardless of physical abilities. Participants will take these new skills with them for the rest of their lives.


Training the youth

We believe in giving young people in poor communities the opportunity to develop qualified skills that will enable them to earn a living.

Not everyone is born with the chance to get a proper education,but we can help empower them. GKF runs Beach Safety Assistant training courses in communities all around the world.


Sustaining the environment

Whatever we do, wherever we go, we leave the area cleaner than we found it. It is that easy- and it’s our way of paying it forward.

You won’t realize how much trash pollutes our environment until you become involved and help clean it up!


One euro for one kite


email updates

We send out the GKF newsletter once or twice a month. It is full of all our latest news, so its the perfect way to stay up to date. There is no spamming, and your details are held in strict confidence. Every email also has a safe op-out feature!

Our Mission

is to come together as a community to help people with disabilities get into kiting on land and water, while having fun and improving environmental awareness.

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