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One euro for one kite

Buy 1 ticket for 1 euro (US $1.40) and you get a unique ticket with your chance to win the kite. Buy 10 tickets and get 10 chances to win! The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have and the more good you help do! 

The Epic Screamer is the ultimate weapon for big jumps, hang time, and unhooked moves.  If you’re interested in jumping higher, riding faster and escalating every level of your kitesurfing experience, then the Screamer is what you want to ride. This is the kite for those that will accept nothing less than excellence in all categories. Kite comes complete with the xTend bar, pump and bag.

The Epic Easter Raffle runs from 6th February to 26 March 2012.

Best of luck!!

100% of money raised through the GKF Boutique goes directly to supporting the Foundation's ongoing projects.

Total cost of item:
1,00 €

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